1 in 5 Latin Americans are not registered with a GP, and only 4 out of 10 have been to a dentist in the UK. We work to improve Latin Americans’ access to health.
Many Latin  Americans in London and the UK experience exploitative conditions at work, poor living conditions, and limited access to services. Latin Americans’ poor access to health is particularly worrysome. According to the latest report, 1 in 5 Latin Americans are not registered with a GP, and only 4 out of 10 have been to a dentist in the UK (No Longer Invisible, 2011). Coming from non-English speaking countries, the lack of translation and interpreting services is an important problem working against the efficiency of South London health services. Having no help with dealing with the language barrier often lead Latin American people to:

  • Refrain from visiting GPs for check-ups and information.
  • Miss out on important information about their health and treatment.
  • Attend appointments only to re-schedule them.
  • Seek help outside the NHS.
  • Repeat treatments and tests that are part of their medical history.

For those who can’t speak English fluently, it is indispensable to find information in their language and be able to access interpreting services when attending appointments. If non-English speaking patients are unable to find translators, they end up missing or rescheduling their appointments. This situation often leads to physical and mental health deterioration and further use of NHS resources. CLAUK advocates for the improvement of Latin Americans’ access to health services.

“Every time I tried to register at a GP, they asked me for a proof of address, but I have no contract and no bills under my name. I live in a shared three-bedroom flat with six other adults and two children. The landlord doesn’t give us any papers and the GP Practice would not accept my mobile phone bill. When I need medical help, I have to pay for a private doctor, even though I earn very little.”
Lidia (42), Brazil

Register with a GP

Register with a GP is increasing GP registrations among Latin Americans by providing information and support, and by advocating for better access. Campaign developed with Doctors of the World. Take a look!

Let’s Stop HIV

Rapid HIV testing sessions in the community, condom and information distribution, and advocacy work for better access to sexual health services. Campaign run with Naz Latina. Follow this work…

Mental Health

Raising awareness and lowering the stigma in the Latin American community while working with practitioners and decision makers for better access. Campaign developed with Teléfono de la Esperanza. Resources and help…

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