Labour Rights

40% of Latin Americans workers have experienced workplace abuse in the UK. 11% are paid below the National Minimum Wage.
Latin Americans in the UK are highly qualified and working in all sectors. However, many take jobs in cleaning, catering and hospitality due to the language barrier. These sectors lack regulations and are characterised by extremely poor working conditions: many are employed casually or on a temporary basis, with no entitlement to annual leave or sick pay, and with unsocial working hours very early in the morning and late in the evening.

Being in in-work poverty, it is extremely difficult for Latin Americans to access ESOL provision and move up the economic ladder. Stuck in these areas of work, Latin Americans experience downward mobility, disadvantage, and exploitation in the labour market. The latest studies report that:

  • 40% have experienced workplace abuse and exploitation
  • 11% are being paid less than the National Minimum Wage
  • 70%, including the second generation, perceive discrimination as a major barrier to improve their quality of life

In spite of low incomes, only 1 in 5 Latin Americans claim some form of welfare benefit, which is much lower than the London average. This situation translates into poor living conditions and limited access to services: at least one third are sharing their homes/rooms with other families, 1 in 5 are not registered with a GP, and only 4 out of 10 have been to a dentist in the UK (source: No Longer Invisible).

Know Your Labour Rights

Information about employment rights, sources of help, the work of unions, and steps to seek justice. Our ultimate aim is to empower Latin American workers to assert their rights. Take a look!

Working with the Cleaners

We work with Justice for Cleaners SOAS, Justice for Cleaners Birkbeck, and 3 Cosas Campaign, with whom we have set up a support network and run activities in collaboration. More here.

Parental Rights

We are partnering with Maternity Action and Unison to inform the community about one of the most violated rights in the cleaning sector: parental leave entitlement and pay. More soon. 

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