Know your Labours Rights

Latin American workers in the UK

Many Latin Americans experience extremely poor working conditions due to absence of regulations and exploitative practices in various areas of UK’s labour market. As explained in our section “Labours Rights”, this situation is especially problematic in the cleaning and catering sectors, where much of the Latin American community is currently employed. Working out of office hours, many times in isolation, makes it extremely difficult for Latin American workers to access information about their rights and access justice.

Through our “Know Your Labour Rights” campaign, we provide information to Latin American workers about their employment rights, as well as about the equality and discrimination legislation in the UK. We work in partnership with different unions to inform the community about the role of unions in individual and collective actions, and their registration processes. We also work with Law Centres and any other relevant agencies towards our ultimate aim: to empower Latin American workers to assert their rights.

Portada Labours Rights

Campaign Targets

40,000 Latin Americans informed
10,000 Labour Rights guides distributed
17 Events for the community
6 Training for front-line community workers


Campaign Information

Informing Latin American workers about employment rights

Informing Latin Americans about equality and anti-discrimination legislation

 Assisting Latin Americans to join unions

 Empowering workers to assert their rights

 Working with unions and other stakeholders to enable Latin American workers to assert their rights

Guide in Spanish & Portuguese

Guide produced in partnership with Southwark Law Centre and Unite the Union. You can download the Spanish version here

Community events

Delivering workshops & talks for the community. Find information about all these events here. Don’t forget to book, limited spaces! 

Bringing attention to exploitation

Denouncing exploitative practices and raising awareness about challenges faced by Latin American workers. Read on… 

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