2014 Local & European Elections: Needs and priorities

We call all parties and candidates to take on our recommendations for the inclusion of Latin Americans. 

Voter registration campaign

 Registering Latin Americans to vote

 Delivering workshops for the community

 Candidates’ debate in Spanish

  Working with local electoral offices

  Establishing partnerships with local organisations


Campaign targets

700 Latin Americans registered
1700 people informed
15 workshops for the community
Registration events in 8 boroughs

Community events – Talleres

04 February – Talk – Indoamerican Refugee Migrant Organisation
14 February – Talk – Latin American Women’s Rights Service
19 February – Debate – Aculco Radio
22 February – Registration – Movimiento Ecuador en el Reino Unido MERU
24 February – Talk – Latin American House
28 February – Workshop – Latin American Women’s Rights Service Haringey

01 March – Stall at community event – Movimiento Ecuador en el Reino Unido
15 March – Talk at AGM – Indoamerican Refugee Migrant Organisation
07 March – Talk & Stall at International Women’s Day- Latin American Women’s Rights Service
29 March – Registration campaign – St Bede’s Church

03 AprilLocal and European Hustings event for Latin Americans at Tiendas del Sur – CLAUK
08 AprilLocal Hustings for Latin Americans in Haringey– CLAUK, Latin American Women’s Rights Service Southwark & Migrants Rights Network
10 April – Stall at Recognition Celebration in Lambeth Town Hall – CLAUK
12 April – Workshop – Latin American Women’s Rights Service Southwark & Dime UK
15 April – Workshop – Latin American Women’s Rights Service Haringey

Hustings events for Latin Americans

Debate Poster


Download your registration form in Spanish and Portuguese

Download the registration form in Spanish or Portuguese and send it to the electoral office of your council. Alternatively, you can post it to us and we will send it for you.

Formulario de inscripción electoral en españolFormulario de registro en español

Descarga tu formulario y envíalo a la oficina electoral de tu municipio o a nuestra dirección postal y nosotrxs lo enviaremos por tí.

Formulário de recenseamento eleitoralFormulário de recenseamento em Português

Download o seu formulário e envie ao cartório eleitoral do seu município ou ao nosso endereço postal.

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