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1 in 5 Latin Americans in the UK have never accessed the NHS.

One in five Latin Americans in the UK are not registered with a General Practitioner (GP) and have never sought medical attention in the UK. Only four out of ten have been to the dentist in the UK (“No Longer Invisible” 2011). As CLAUK member organisations provide services to the most vulnerable sectors in the community, the picture we see is much more alarming.

A random survey carried out in 2014 with CLAUK members’ service users showed that 46% were not registered with a GP. Out of those, 50% indicated having no knowledge of the need to register, and 14% claimed that they were unable to register due to the encountered language barrier. Follow ups often showed that a significant number had attempted to access but were rejected by front line service staff who were uncertain of their entitlement.

As GPs are the first point of contact for most medical needs and the main point of access to specialist services, this situation calls for urgent action.

Our “Register with the GP” campaign aims to improve access to primary care among Latin Americans by raising awareness among the community about the importance of registering with a GP. We work collaboratively to provide information about entitlements and regulations, as well as to support people who have not been able to previously register to do so successfully.

This campaign also informs health service providers, researchers, and relevant public bodies about the presence and health needs of the Latin American community.

 Informing Latin Americans about NHS Primary Care Services, focusing on GP Access Regulations

 Seeking effective inclusion in ethnic monitoring, service planning and delivery

 Promoting the registration of those currently unregistered

Follow our work

20,000 Latin Americans informed
10,000 Informative leaflets distributed
20 Events for the community
5 Trainings for front-line community workers


Outreach work & Workshops


CLAUK at Maudsley Hospital

27/07/2015 – Maudsley Hospital, Southwark
25/06/2015 – Colombian Consulate Westminster
06/06/2015 – IWGB Union, Camden
28/05/2015 – IRMO, Lambeth
15/05/2015 – Bridge Comm. Centre, Haringey
23/04/2015 – LAWRS, Islington
12/12/2014 – IRMO, Lambeth
30/10/2014 – LADPP, Southwark
16/09/2014 – LAWRS, Haringey
04/09/2014 – Train the Trainer, Southwark
30/08/2014 – Colombian event, Camden

 Informing the Community

Distributing information through our member organisations and community press media. We also deliver workshops & talks for the community in different areas.

Our bilingual informative leaflets provide information in English and Spanish/Portuguese about the importance of registering with a GP and access regulations. The back tackles the language barrier by translating the message to front-line NHS staff.

Upskilling the sector

We deliver workshops and trainings on GP & Primary Care Access for staff, volunteers, and community workers assisting Latin Americans in order to better respond to the health needs of the community.

Work done in partnerhisp with various agencies and specilised organisations.

Picture: Train the Trainer session for CLAUK member organisations delivered by Doctors of the World.

Seeking inclusion

Advocacy work to raise awareness about lack of access to primary care among public bodies, such as the NHS, Public Health, Healthwatch, and service providers.

We also respond to consultations, run cultural awareness workshops, and organise interviews and focus groups for academics and public bodies researching access barriers.

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